Account-Based Marketing in Action

Many of us B2B marketers are fully bought into Account-Based Marketing (ABM)'s  ability to drive success, align us with sales, and improve ROI.  In fact according to the DemandMetric recent report, 95% of B2B Marketers report that ABM drives marketing success.  However, I hear many marketers struggle with coming up with creative and scalable ABM programs beyond steak dinners and call down else can we engage?

One recent ABM story that I was impressed with, was from my friends @Influitive.  During this years #Dreamforce they created a "Most Wanted list" of their key accounts and targeted them via various channels to engage with them live onsite. Clever.

The best ABM programs are unique, add substance to your offering, are personalized, and relevant to your business. With that in mind, at OpenDNS we recently rolled out a data visualization program with the goal of securing appointments at our Enterprise target accounts. Our target buyers are security professionals, who are particularly adverse to gimmicky marketing tactics....tough crowd. But.... receiving a custom framed data visualization of their own network traffic might just do the trick to get into the hearts and minds of our security buyer.

Here is what we did and how we scaled it using several key technologies:

  1. Identify the targets: We started with using Lattice-Engines predictive analytics to identify key accounts that are showing security buying intent in each territory and create a list based off of score, territory and buyer intent level. With a high value, high cost program, targeting is key.

  2. Create our data visualizations: Using the resources of our rock star SE and design teams, a custom data visualization is created for each of our target accounts and the design is made accessible to our fulfillment service.

  3. Trigger the program:  We then added our target persona's within these accounts to a program in Marketo created by Perkuto that kicks off an automated multi-touch appointment setting program.

  4. Send our FedEx: Perkuto then triggers PFL, a fulfillment service, to deliver our target security buyer, their custom data visualization of  their network traffic (sample image above). It is framed, branded and delivered with a hand written card, containing a message from our CTO, "Your data is beautiful, we will help you keep it that way",and arrives via FedEx.

  5. Securing the appointment: Once Perkuto triggers a notification that the FedEx delivery has arrived, an automated email is sent to our security buyer from the account executive, offering to meet and explain how we created the visualization and some insights we uncovered by pivoting through their network data using our OpenGraphiti data visualization framework.  The sales rep then receives a SFDC alert that the FedEx has been received by their account and to initiate a follow up call.

Not only is this program helping secure appointments, but the framed and branded data visualization gives OpenDNS daily brand awareness within the workspace or our target accounts. win and win.

While the creative idea is key, leveraging marketing technologies such as these, will truly allow your programs to scale along with your ever growing pipeline target $$  Good luck!