Adding Direct Mail to Your ABM Mix

ABM TIP:  With primary channels of email and phone engagement rates decreasing, try adding more “old school” touch points to your multi-channel approach like Direct Mail

With the decreasing amount of employees having actual desk phones (me included!), improvements in caller identification reducing phone connects, and savvy email filtering programs, the engagement rates on traditionally primary channels of phone and email are continuing to decline. Given this, adding back in the “old school” tactic of good old direct mail, has proven popular and effective for many marketers adding it to the mix, but how do you get started?

Before you run off and blast out postcard flyers to your target accounts, there are certainly nuances in terms of ensuring success. Here is an approach we took to adding it to our marketing mix that proved effective for me here at Radius:

  • Target the right audience: With direct mail being a fairly high price point channel, we want to target accounts that are in our ICP and have showed some engagement. This ensures we’re going after a good target account that has expressed buying intent.

  • Be personal and unique: A custom card or relevant three dimensional mailer are far more likely to trigger an emotional response from your prospect. Mailers that communicate that the receiver is uniquely singled out and wanted as a customer, are flattering and response provoking . For instance, CEB (in partnership with a Radius customer) found that adding a company’s Twitter handle to the envelope increased response rates by 200%. Read the full report here.

  • Add a clear call to action: Similar to other marketing efforts, you want to evoke a response in the moment where your target accounts feel enamored with the high-touch approach and are likely to act . Make sure the next steps are clearly outlined and are as frictionless as possible.

  • Operationalize your direct mail strategy: Ensuring flawless communication between selecting an account, delivering the item to your target persona and timely follow up from the AE, can be a challenge, but is also key to success. Make sure you set up a clear communication process and engage and train all parts of the organization that are involved in the orchestration.

An example of a recent direct mail success here at Radius, was an integrated program the team recently completed for our Marketo and Oracle MME event presence.

Example Direct Mail Piece

This included sending out key contacts (from target accounts) attending the events branded Radius boxes with a custom card and an empty leather Ray-Bans case. We made a clear exchange by offering to fill the case with a pair of Ray-Bans in exchange for a meeting and demo onsite at the event.

The program was a huge hit and helped us engage with senior executives who were historically quiet to our prior digital engagement tactics. Results included over $1.5M in direct new pipeline within the first 2 weeks after they were sent.