Building your ABM Tech Stack - Do I Need to Scrap my Stack?

We all know and love how our tech stack helps us as B2B Marketers scale our pipeline generation, but what do you do once you decide to embrace ABM? Scrap it all? I have spoken to many clients and answered many questions on panels related to this challenge, and I get it, the task can seem daunting. But similar to the approach of ABM’ifying your programs, ABM is more of a strategy and mindset more than it is any one given tactic or technology.

That’s how we got started at Radius with migrating our marketing tech stack to ABM, with a crawl, walk, run approach to not try to boil the ocean on day one:

1. First, before we considered adding ABM technologies or scraping non-ABM focused pieces, we operationalized our existing tech stack to support an ABM workflow. For example, we started by setting up our CRM and MAT to support tiered accounts, which was essential to aligning marketing and sales around our targets, and did not require adding technology to set up this structure in SFDC and Marketo but a process and workflow change management.

2. Next, we looked at extending our use of existing technologies to support ABM, a few examples:

  • LeanData - Added ABM routing features which we were able to leverage to support our new workflow

  • Bizible - To support attribution at the account level vs. the lead or contact level.

  • Radius - To help us uncover our accounts and contacts that are most likely to convert using historical success to help fuel our tiered account list.

  • Slack - We integrated an ABM Slack channel to notify account owners of activity on their target accounts.

3. After a couple of quarters of the team running on this new workflow and tech feature set, we began to identify gaps in our tech stack that we needed to scale including:

  • Direct Mail - This is a channel that worked well for us, but boy is it time-consuming stuffing FedEx envelopes and manually updating reps on follow up schedules and delivery notifications. Technologies from Sendoso and PFL help us scale our direct mail program and associated results.

  • Account Reach - To ensure we are getting in front of cold target accounts, we leveraged Demandbase Account-Based Advertising to guarantee that Radius was top of mind with our key accounts.

And of course, every marketer has a tech stack wish list. Ours includes Engagio, LookbookHQ, and we are starting to pilot Drift, that will help us make the most of our targeted account traffic, once they reach by identifying and personally engaging with them.