Using ABM to Drive Pipeline from Dreamforce

I often say to my team, analysts, and in speaking engagements that “I LOVE Marketing”. And what I mean by this is that I love spending my time working with my team to plan and execute amazing integrated programs that drive pipeline. Beyond the strategy work, interviews, yearly planning, that all comes with the job, this is where the rubber meets the road and you get to see your work come to life!

We all need to squeeze every last dollar of ROI from those expensive sponsorships and Dreamforce is no exception. At Radius my goal was to maximize our upcoming Dreamforce sponsorship with a targeted integrated programs approach to our key accounts. Dreamforce offered the advantage of having nearly every organization in our total addressable market (TAM) represented in San Francisco as a captive audience for a week, but the challenge was sticking out from the crowd.

Since our key accounts are primarily Enterprise organizations with multiple stakeholders, the team set up a series of highly engaging ways to target our accounts both before, during, and after Dreamforce.

Account Awareness: First to get in front of these accounts, we set up targeted advertising with Radius Custom Facebook audience to promote our presence at Dreamforce to all the key contacts at each account. We also invited our key account contacts to participate in contributing tips to our #RevenueDriver campaign. Finally, top-tier accounts who were showing engagement were sent a Black Card program invitation to our VIP experience at Dreamforce. This consisted of an impressively designed Radius Black box direct mail piece.

Account Engagement: Onsite, these target accounts were offered many VIP experiences to engage with us at, including mingling with us at a top-tier club Wingtip, a top-notch dinner with industry leaders, analysts, and press, and a lounge to recharge and grab a cocktail.

Account Conversion: At the heart of getting accounts to convert is how you show value uniquely to their needs and organizations. With this in mind, we offered a custom Insights Report, that allowed prospects to return back from Dreamforce with a custom report using their own data to uncover key accounts, TAM opportunities, and their ideal customer profile.

It's worth noting that although our focus with these programs was around Dreamforce, we built them to start and continue well before and after the event - our goal being to build personalized touch points for key accounts throughout their journey. By focusing our budget and resources on these key accounts, we ensured that sales would be happy and the team walked away with a pipeline full of activity to close out the year.